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Verfico Success Stories

Our customer's success is our top priority and we are proud to share their success stories with you. Read on to learn how Verfico helped them solve challenges, gain transparency and receive a beneficial return on investment.

Streamlining Wage Theft Resolution

Wage theft litigation can be expensive, time consuming and cause significant reputational damage.  Learn how Verfico helped one organization effectively navigate a case, using robust data to combat allegations and avoid a costly legal battle.  


Gilbane Constructing Change with Innovation 

Wage theft posed both a legal and reputational risk to Gilbane - threatening the foundation of trust and ethical standing the organization had worked tirelessly to build with workers and owners alike. See how Verfico helped Gilbane proactively address the challenge.

Empowering Construction
Companies to Combat Employee Theft

The integrity of a construction firm was compromised when a superintendent, a position of trust, was implicated in a complex theft scheme. See how Verfico was a cornerstone of the solution.

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Building a Culture of Compliance

How Rock Spring Contracting's challenges with wage assurance led to a new way of doing business.

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