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An all-encompassing tool that prevents wage theft and provides labor transparency and cost savings in multitiered labor environments.

Our mission is to protect companies and workers through innovation and transparency.

Product Benefits:


Verfico was built for contractors, municipalities, owners, & institutions.


Verfico was originally designed by contractors who have first-hand experience with the wage theft challenge, and a strong desire to shape the future of wage assurance in the construction industry.   Verfico provides real-time visibility into the entire workforce and the wage assurance practices of every subcontractor on a job. Additional  data and features allow you to gain efficiencies in planning, scheduling and safety.   


Local governments have a growing responsibility to protect their communities.  The use of Verfico reduces the risk of worker exploitation, ensuring that all workers associated with your jobs are being paid the wages they are due.  Workforce analytics provide real-time insight into the demographic makeup of the workforce so that you can make informed hiring decisions.  And access to geographic data helps you see in real time the impact that your project is having on jobs in your local community. 


Reputation is everything.  As wage theft litigation becomes more prevalent in many areas of the country, companies must take steps to protect their business from the risks of non-compliance.  Verfico provides insight into the wage assurance practices of every trade partner on the job, giving you the tools to mitigate the harmful financial and reputational risk associated wage theft.   


Having a positive community impact is critical to any institution.  Promoting diversity, particularly in the construction industry has been associated with higher levels of productivity and retention.  Verfico helps institutions "walk the walk" when it comes to community impact: 

  • Reducing the risk of worker exploitation; 

  • Providing insight into the demographics of the entire workforce; and 

  • Ensuring that fair labor practices are followed by all trade partners 


It's imperative that our mobile app enhances the worker experience. It should never slow them down or get in the way. Our new worker registration process streamlines the user signup flow, making it even easier to punch in and get to work! Workers can download the latest version of the Verfico app in the Apple App Store and Google Play.


The Verfico Platform is designed to grow as our customers grow. Our Software as a Service (SaaS) solution leverages some of the most tried and true benefits of the cloud. Users of our apps and website will enjoy fast response times that scale to meet the needs of large teams across the country.


Securing customer data is critical to our success. That's why we've implemented multiple layers of encryption, worked with trusted third-party auditors, and implemented recurring validation of multitenancy access control measures to ensure that customer data is always protected.


A New Purpose

Over my twenty-one year career I fought against all sorts of crime and fraud. My new purpose – to lead the charge against wage fraud. Every year billions of dollars is being stolen from hard working Americans. These workers deserve to be paid for an honest days work. I’m proud to introduce Verfico Pro – a powerful workforce tool that gives you the power to see and protect workers on your construction site. A tool that protects corporate values. 

Matt DeSarno


Verfico Technology, Inc.

Maryland Innovation Center

6751 Columbia Gateway Drive

Columbia, MD 21046


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