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Empowering Construction Companies to Combat Employee Theft 


In the construction industry, a hidden menace lurks from within—employee theft. This issue bleeds $50 billion yearly from U.S. businesses, significantly impacting the construction sector. Amongst the plethora of theft tactics, falsifying work hours and misappropriating resources are rampant, with some schemes being so elaborate they involve supervisory staff, corroding both a company's financial health and its moral fabric.


The integrity of a construction firm was compromised when a superintendent, a position of trust, was implicated in a complex theft scheme. This individual manipulated timekeeping records, siphoning funds to complicit former employees, who in turn kicked back a portion of these stolen funds. The operation's sophistication presented a formidable challenge: securing irrefutable evidence to confirm the suspicions and address the fraudulent activity effectively.


Verfico emerged as the cornerstone of the solution. With its cutting-edge application, an observant foreman noticed discrepancies in the time records of certain employees, prompting an immediate and thorough investigation by the company's leadership. Verfico's digital platform replaced unreliable physical logbooks and error-prone timesheets with undeniable, real-time evidence, laying the groundwork for a decisive resolution.


Utilizing Verfico's detailed and trustworthy data, the company unveiled a scheme that had illicitly diverted nearly $100,000. The digital trail provided by Verfico was incontrovertible, rendering the culprits' denials futile and obviating the need for a protracted legal battle. The swift confrontation, backed by solid evidence, led to the recovery of the stolen funds and a significant boost in the company's operational integrity.


This unified case study underscores the transformative impact of Verfico on the construction industry's fight against internal theft. Verfico not only facilitates the rapid detection of fraudulent activities but also streamlines the resolution process, ensuring companies can safeguard their assets and reputation effectively. For construction business owners, adopting Verfico means gaining a powerful ally in maintaining operational integrity, showcasing the platform's role as an indispensable tool in the modern construction landscape.

"The data provided by Verfico was instrumental in identifying and quantifying the impact of theft by one of our employees.  Not only were we able to easily identify exactly when the theft occurred, we were able to hold the employee accountable and recoup the stolen funds. "


Subcontractor, DC Metro

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