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Verfico's Innovative Approach to Empower General Contractors to Combat Human Trafficking

Bridging the gap between the developer and the worker 

In today's construction industry, efficiency and risk management are paramount. Shockingly, 30,000 construction workers in Minnesota—23% of the workforce—face misclassification or off-the-books payment according to the Midwest Economic Policy Institute. Verfico Technology addresses this issue through payroll integrity monitoring, data-driven insights, and empowering contractors, owners, and developers with a game-changing strategy.


The Unseen Challenge 

Labor trafficking, a form of human trafficking, remains a global issue, with countless individuals falling victim to unfair labor practices and exploitation. Detecting and preventing this crime can be incredibly challenging, especially in industries like construction, where multitiered labor environments lack transparency and accountability.


Raising Awareness  

Verfico Technology is dedicated to shedding light on the importance of protecting workers' rights, particularly in high-risk sectors like construction and other industries where workers can easily be exploited. The objective is to expose subcontractors and labor brokers who engage in human trafficking and emphasize how technology can be a pivotal tool in its prevention. 


Enhancing Risk Mitigation in Construction 

Verfico Technology is at the forefront of combating human trafficking in the construction industry. Through innovative technology, it empowers stakeholders by providing essential tools for risk mitigation and compliance. Verfico's solutions offer unprecedented transparency into labor ecosystems, allowing stakeholders to detect irregularities and potential signs of labor exploitation in plain sight. This early detection capability serves as a proactive risk management tool, enabling timely intervention and reinforcing ethical labor practices. Verfico's data-driven approach not only protects workers but also enhances the operational integrity and reputation of companies within the industry.

Leveraging Data-Driven Insights for Targeted Action 

Verfico's data analytics capabilities offer invaluable insights into wage assurance and labor practices. By analyzing data from various industries and regions, Verfico can identify patterns of labor exploitation. These data-driven insights inform efforts to overcome and prevent human trafficking, enabling Verfico customers to pinpoint problem areas and implement targeted interventions. 


Collaboration with Anti-Trafficking Organizations  

Verfico Technology takes a collaborative approach in addressing operational challenges within the construction industry. The company aligns with anti-trafficking organizations, contributing to fair labor practices. Active participation in initiatives and partnerships allow Verfico to play a vital role in creating a secure and supportive environment for all workers while ensuring businesses maintain a strong operational stance.



Verfico spearheads a scalable solution, safeguarding companies, workers, management, and labor from the significant threats of human trafficking in the construction industry. Through innovative technology and collaborative efforts, Verfico provides a secure, efficient solution to counteract wage theft and labor exploitation, fostering a more ethical, legally compliant, and profitable environment within the construction sector.

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